How CBD Can Help Elderly Dogs and Cats

As pet owners, all we want is to give our dogs and cats the best life they can possibly have while they are part of our families. We spend years spoiling them with the best food and treats, keeping chocolate out of reach, and throwing tennis balls until our arms fall off, and it’s all worth it for the unique and irreplaceable bond that exists between humans and the animals we love most.

When your dog or cat starts to suffer the signs of old age, it can be heartbreaking to see them in discomfort, especially if they’re also battling common diseases that can affect animals like arthritis or cancer. In these times, it can be hard to justify giving them prescription medications that come with a laundry list of side effects just to relieve pain or calm their anxiety. This is why we recommend CBD oil to help with the symptoms of aging in dogs and cats: with a few drops a day added to their food, your old pal will have the chance to feel young again.

If you have an aging pet who needs a little extra care and comfort, here are some ways CBD oil can help.

Reduce Nausea / Increase Appetite

Watching a sick pet waste away because they can no longer stomach a single bite of food is one of the most helpless feelings. It’s not uncommon for people and animals who have cancer to lose their appetite, making it more difficult for their bodies to heal due to the lack of nutrients. CBD oil is known for its anti-nausea effects that calm the digestive tract, making it easier for food to be tolerated and for nutrients to be absorbed. According to the science behind CBD, this happens when the cannabinoid activates receptors that slow the release of nausea-inducing signals. We all know that when you are feeling less nauseous, it’s easier to keep food down, which allows for treatments like chemotherapy to work more effectively.

Slow Cancer Growth

Yes, this is for real – several studies have shown cannabidiol to demonstrate anti-proliferative abilities, which means it inhibits cell growth, particularly malignant cells. This is not to say that CBD is going to cure your dog’s cancer, but there is potential that it could shrink harmful tumors before they take over, giving you more time together.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Diseases like arthritis are common in older animals just like humans, and the symptoms can be devastating. Many animals who start developing arthritis are completely healthy otherwise, but the pain from arthritis becomes too much to bear to enjoy life. The problem is that there is no cure for arthritis, so any medications will only manage the symptoms through palliative care, often with unpleasant side effects that make you wonder if it’s even worth it.

With CBD oil, it’s possible to ease those symptoms without unwelcome side effects. Studies have shown CBD to lower the release of inflammatory cytokines that worsen autoimmune diseases like arthritis, which in turn reduces joint pain and swelling. This process also has the ability to decrease tissue injury, which can help improve the quality of healing after surgery.

Consistent, daily use of our high-quality pet CBD oil is a great way to feed their endocannabinoid system and relieve pain and inflammation, allowing your cat or dog to enjoy movement and life again.

Lower Anxiety & Stress Levels

The life changes that come with aging can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress on your pet, which only worsens their symptoms and condition. Something as small as a slip on the stairs due to arthritis pain can cause all sorts of fears and anxieties to develop, which in turn makes them more miserable because they feel like they can’t trust their bodies and they’re too scared to enjoy life.

Whether your dog or cat suffers from behavioral or situational anxiety, studies have shown that when CBD is consumed and modulating the communication happening between cells, this boost helps to soothe and balance the overstimulated nerves and tension levels that make an anxious pup. When combined with its ability to reduce pain, inflammation, and nausea, your pet will have an easier time relaxing and enjoying life again.

Homeostasis Support

Homeostasis is defined as any process or reaction that the body uses to actively maintain a constant internal environment. The nervous and immune systems are constantly working to maintain stable levels of oxygen, hydration, and body temperature, all of which are necessary for survival. When these levels are off balance, it’s more difficult for the body to grow and thrive efficiently, which contributes to the development of diseases like obesity, stroke, cancer, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis, to name a few. All of these diseases are directly linked to a loss of balance somewhere in the system, and once they take effect, it can be difficult or even impossible to undo it. When it comes to your pet, these diseases can have quick, devastating effects.

The endocannabinoid system has a direct impact on homeostasis. When an imbalance is detected, the ECS produces its own cannabinoids as needed to go take care of the problem. However, in people and animals with endocannabinoid deficiencies, the naturally occurring levels are not enough to fix the issue. This is where CBD’s direct impact on the endocannabinoid system comes into play. CBD’s main job is to modulate communication between cells by strengthening the quality of messages and number of endocannabinoids communicating throughout the body. It also helps to stall the release of a chemical called fatty acid amide hydrolase, which interferes with and reduces the quality of these messages. When your pet consumes CBD regularly and their ECS is constantly working at its best, it will put off the onset of symptoms and diseases before they start, thus improving their quality of life through a constant state of balance as they age.

Hospice Care & Comfort

When the last days of your fur friends life are on the horizon, sometimes all you can do is provide them with comfort and relief that will help make the time easier on their bodies. This can be done with CBD oil thanks to a combination of its effects. Reducing pain for maximum comfort is obviously a top priority for any animal at this stage of life, as well as reducing nausea, vomiting, or other digestive upsets. When these symptoms go down, so will the anxiety and discomfort that comes with it, which will also help them relax and fall asleep more peacefully.

If your dog or kitty is getting up there in age and it’s coming time to make some difficult decisions about his health, we encourage you to give our organic, high-quality cannabinoid oils a try today.

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