5 Ways CBD Oil Can Improve Your Dog or Cat’s Quality of Life

Pet owners and lovers around the world are turning to CBD as an alternative remedy and healing supplement for their fur friends. CBD is a wonderful supplement for us humans, but our dogs and cats also have powerful endocannabinoid systems that affect nearly every corner of the body.

Boosting the endocannabinoid system with cannabis and CBD is a great way to improve its quality and function, which in turn improves your pet’s quality of life. How exactly does it make things better for the furballs? Here are some of the top benefits of CBD oil for your pet:

Lower Anxiety & Stress Trauma

For some of our fur friends, all it takes to throw them into a stress-induced, anxiety-riddled, carpet-staining tunnel of fear is the ring of the doorbell, a trip to the vet, or the startling pop of fireworks. Many animals suffer from behavioral and/or situational anxiety, which can be heartbreaking to manage when all you want is for them to be the happy pup you know and love. Studies have shown that supplementing the endocannabinoid system with CBD can improve communication between cells and soothe the tension and overstimulation that can contribute to and worsen anxiety.

Digestive Support

Our pets have delicate internal systems that can be thrown entirely out of whack from something as simple as a change in their brand of food, and it’s usually the nicest rug in the house that ends up suffering the consequences. CBD is known to have anti-nausea effects when consumed, and the National Cancer Institute has claimed that CBD is a great option for increasing the appetite of cancer patients going through treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. These intense treatments can cause severe nausea and vomiting which makes it harder to eat and keep down a meal, making it difficult for the body to absorb necessary nutrients and heal effectively. If your pet is not eating due to illness, injury, old age, or the side effects of medicine, CBD may help calm feelings of nausea and allow them to keep a meal down.

Reduce Inflammation From Illness or Injury

We all want our curious kitties and rambunctious pups to experience the best life has to offer, but a little too much fun and curiosity can have consequences if they wander out of your sight or get into an interaction with a wild animal. When this happens and they’re recovering after a visit to the vet, it’s possible for the supplementation of CBD to improve recovery time by decreasing the release of inflammatory cytokines that can contribute to or worsen autoimmune diseases caused by inflammation such as arthritis. Keeping inflammation levels under control during recovery will help reduce swelling, which in turn will relieve pain and allow the affected area to heal more effectively.

Recovery Support for Active Lifestyles

CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are great for reducing pain and swelling during injury, but your pet doesn’t have to be suffering from a condition to experience these benefits. If you live an intense and active lifestyle with your adventure pets, CBD can help their bodies recover more effectively and mitigate problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia that can worsen during old age.

Improved Sleep

Less pain, lower anxiety, and a healthy appetite… it’s no wonder why CBD is also known to help improve our sleep cycles when we’re busy living so well. The endocannabinoid plays a big role in regulating and stabilizing our sleep patterns; when this system is functioning at its peak, it will help you and your pets enjoy longer periods of quality REM sleep.

Nami Mana Wellness full spectrum hemp oils provide whole-body support for people and pets who want to live healthier, richer lives free of the pains and fears that keep us down. Whether your pet is an anxious furball still learning to trust humans or a good boy who will play fetch until his legs give out, we’re confident that our products will help your dog or cat achieve and maintain the health and happiness they deserve.

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